Best Worst Hair of the WWE

Shawn Michales has the most famous grade eight in the history of the WWE!

Shawn_display_imageEarly 90’s Undertaker…And pretty much ever other Undertaker era.

wwe-debut_crop_exactTrippe H’s new haircut makes him look like a cross between Kenny Rogers and a Broom

Triple-H-New-Hair-Featured-ImageIt was hard to choose between Sean Waltman and Sid Vicious for greasiest hair…

tumblr_ma2tqmkEGv1ree9s5o1_500Davey Boy Smith and his ultimate white mom back from vacation hair.



Nothing helps pass the day like reading up on the online fight of a scorned woman and a nutcase!

Back to blogging after an insane week. Sorry for the lack of posts last week. I was working on Welcome Day  stuff night and day, of all the student recruitment events I’m responsable for this one is the biggest. And if I fucked it up I probably wouldn’t have a job to come to today.  So for an entire week I stayed off the internet and focused solely on my work. Now that I have a little more breathing room at work, I can get back to the important stuff, like following the  Twitter feud between Brutus the Barber Beefcake’s ex-wife and his current wool Missy!

I shit you not, it is one of the most entertaining things ever! Basically both women hate each other , the Ex Mrs.Beefcake attacks the soon-to-be Mrs.Beefcake a and vice versa. One is as bad as the other yet both are equally as entertaining . I think I’m onside with the Ex. She calls out Missy for hilarious things like pretending “fans” sent her gifts and tweeting to people like Snookie and acting as though they are friends. Missy attacks the Ex by calling her  fat. Although I’m pretty sure they are the same size and neither is actually fat. Missy is batshit crazy, but that just makes you like her even more! I would love to get inside this womans head, where it’s constantly 1989 and the Barbershop is open for business.

This image caused a huge uproar the other day.

Last Week !!!!!

Today was the last time I will ever have to wake up at 5:30 on a Monday morning and get ready to drive into the city. While I’m going to miss my driving partner and all of our good times, I’m not going to miss spending three hours out of each day in a car looking at one dead animal after another all over the highway!

I’m really looking forward to the starting of a new job. Being a half an hour drive from my new office is going to be amazing. However I’m a little nervous about my new environment. For instance, last week I found out the entire office watches Big Brother and they don’t just watch it. They talk about it non stop and flip-up over what happened the night before while having their morning recap session. I’m scared to tell my new coworkers I don’t watch Big Brother because I spend all my TV time watching wrestling , wrestling documentaries and movies featuring late 1980’s  WWF superstars.

Their all going to think I’m some sort of hillbilly when this conversation takes place…

Coworker Hey Rebecca, can you believe that Power of Veto competition from last night on Big Brother?? My mind is blown!!!

Me No I didn’t see it, I downloaded the 1996 Motion Picture Classic,  Santa with Muscles starring Hulk Hogan last night and watched that instead.

Coworker Oh…

Best movie ever!!

There’s a small town in my mind

With the 1000th episode of WWE’s RAW quickly approaching, I have a few suggestions as to whom I would like to see on the show that night.

The entire DX crew. If Sean Waltman can manage to not get high on gas for one day, this could actually happen!

Hulk Hogan. This one is a long shot as he and MacMan haven’t exactly been on good terms for the past decade.

They haven’t announced Stone Cold yet, but it’s a given that he will show up. If he doesn’t, the 1000th show will go down in history as the second biggest let down in WWE history. The biggest let down goes to the anticipation of Lex Luger’s Survivor Series début and instead getting the Gobbledy Gooker.

Come to think of it, I wouldn’t be opposed to the Gooker making an appearance.

Somebody call my Mama…

I was really into WWE’s Daniel Bryan for a little while, I thought he had potential. I even nicknamed him Rory Thorburn because he reminded me of the kind of person to live in Thorburn Nova Scotia. He was just always really excited to be there. But now I’m leaning towards Brodus Clay- Funkasaurus for my new favorite wrestler. I love his skanky dancers, his theme song, the fact that he’s a 400 pound man who wears a track suit and doesn’t actually wrestle doesn’t even bother me!


Wrasslers on the movies!

They Live. Roddy Piper finds a pair of exray specs and it’s basically John Carpenter’s vision of 1984.

The Princess Bride. André The Giant offering people peanuts…classic.

Predator. Before Jesse Ventura went soap opera crazy, he was in this movie with another shady  future political jerk face.

No Holds Barred. Written in less than 24 hours by Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon, this movie has all my favorites. Hulkster, Brutus the Barber Beef Cake and Randy Savage!!! Hulk plays Rip, a wrestler with a heart of gold who gets beat up in a limo when he won’t move over to the competitors network.

Anyone who promotes fighting and eating at a gas station is ok by me.

To honour the passing of the late Macho Man Randy Savage. I present my all time favorite Macho Man getup’s!

Promoting Slim-Jim’s. My all time favorite gas station snack.

A snazzy little checkered number .

Proposing to Miss Elizabeth. If I ever come home and Slutbanger is wearing this outfit, I’ll know what’s about to happen.

Summer Slam 1991. Move over Kate Middleton, looks like someone already beat you to the sleeved wedding dress trend.