I really want a Sing it Like T-Pain Microphone…

In just a few short minutes I will be watching Teen Mom 2. I can hardly contain myself!!!

According to the trailer Janelle and Janelle Senior are up to their old ways again, fussing and feuding on the front lawn. I’m hoping that Asshat Kiefer is gone for good this season.

Chelsea is still with the muscleless dirtball Adam, who insists on being shirtless or wearing a tank top in every scene.

Kail cheats on that handicapped guy she is dating with her mentally abusive ex-boyfriend.

And the big news!!! US weekly had reported that Kory cheated on Leah with a girl who worked at the local Dairy Queen. But the trailer suggest that Leah was the one who cheated…AGAIN!!!! I wonder if it was with Robbie? Now that Leah has all that teenage pregnancy money she fixed herself up, she goes tanning and has blonde hair . So the new guy might be a little less greasy.

Leah also invested in a new airport attire sweat suit. Or as I like to call them. Hit the ground partying suit.


I haven’t had an alone time drunk in ages!

I’m finally caught up on my Teen Mom 2 episodes. I’m pretty sure Janelle Senior is just as crazy as Janelle herself. I think my favorite part about last weeks episode was when JS started ranting and raving about hickeys.

There are two international symbols for being a slut. One is wearing a Corona cowboy hat to a bar and the other is having a giant neck hickey. Teens sporting hickeys at the mall get my Gram( Big Marg) going on an amazing rant  about necking in public. Taking her to the Mic Mac Mall is my favorite because that place is always filled with skanks going at each other.

I think if someone offered Big Marg the job of breaking up frisky teens in public she would be all over it. She wouldn’t take any sass off them when they try to mouth off about her work ethic either.

These pregnant smoking teens do not want a run in with Big Marg!

Teen Mom 2!!!!

Teen Mom 2 is only one episode in and I’m already loving it! I think Janelle actually makes Amber look like Mother of the Year in comparasion to her parenting skills. Here are some Janelle quotes on going out when you have a baby.

 I don’t feel guilty because I’m a mother and a teen

I went out last week because it was Saturday night, what did you expect me to do?

I’m really trying hard to be a mom and still have an active social life.

My best friend Pattistiltskin had a baby back in the fall, do you know how many times she has been out on the town since giving birth? Zero because good mom’s stay home and take care of their children instead of leaving them alone in the bath tub like Janelle does.

Much like Amber Janelle already has a criminal record for drug possession. I like her I  just don’t give a fuck expression mug shot photo.