The Evolution of Boys Haircuts in New Glasgow

Everyone started off Junior High with the same haircut, regardless of how cool you were…

hair 2

Then they started to part it in the middle and grow it out.

hair 1

After the grown out mushroom reached it peak, guys discovered the Caesar Cut along with cable knit Tommy Hilfiger turtle necks.

hair 3

Then bleaching your hair and letting it grow out so you had “roots” was the hottest thing a guy could ever do*

hair 4

Sometime in the early 2000’s shaggy hair was the new hot thing a guy could do. Usually this hair cut was accompanied by a trucker hat, seashell necklace or a witty graphic t from American Eagle.

hair 5No  matter how awful haircuts between the time frame of 1994-2003 were, nothing will ever be as god awful as this…

DJ Pauly D returns to Haze Nightclub for his monthly TURNT UP residency at ARIA CityCenter

* A guy from town  named Larry once bleached out his already disgusting long hair, then continued to let it grow twice in length, this was not a hot look. His face and hair actually made him look identical to Jesus. **

** This is not the same Larry I’m planning on marrying in 80 days time.


Ronnie stop eating cheesies on my bed!

Since November 2013 I’ve been gluten and sometimes ( I cheated like crazy over the Holidays) dairy free. I have to admit, I’ve noticed huge changes. I’m down fifteen pounds, my skin looks better and I feel pretty good in general. Yesterday I posted a pic of my dinner to Instagram (because I’m that person.) Here is the recipe for my  homemade gluten and dairy free Mamastu Spicy Sesame Chicken.

2-3 Chicken Breast

1 cup julienne cut raw carrots

1 cup julienne cut  raw turnip

2-3 green onions thinly sliced

2 cloves minced garlic

1 small piece of ginger minced ( or 2 frozen cubes or 1 tsp of dry ginger)

1 tbs sesame oil

1 tsp sugar

1-2 tbs Sriracha garlic chili sauce ( this is different from the big squeeze bottle of Sriracha, it comes in a bottle with a green twist off top. You can find a photo here )

Once the chicken has been cooked, roughly chop and set aside. Mix all of the ingredients listed above together and add the chicken. Place it in the fridge until  you’re ready to plate , the dish is served cold with warm rice.

The amount of Sriracha used will depend on how spicy you like you food. One tablespoon will make it really spicy ,two will be insanely spicy yet amazingly delicious!

blogHipsters are going to love this!!

They took our jobs!!!!

So the town of New Glasgow now has a Cougar Armored Vehicle. It’s not a tank, it doesn’t have any sort of gun stuff on the outside or any other tank kind of stuff. It’s causing a stir on the NG News website. I’m not going to get into the comments over the fucking Christmas Parade or how New Glasgow should be giving their money to the Pictou Rink. Those people are fucking morons and I actually feel bad for them. I support the towns decision to own one of these vehicles. Here is what I think about this, it’s just my opinion and maybe I’m totally wrong…

Yes it was a free gift. The town applied for one like almost every other town did. There will be a cost associated with maintenance just like every other town owned piece of equipment in New Glasgow. They already have an Officer on staff with previous experience and training. Will the town have to pay for additional training? Yes.

Will it be parked outside Club D every Friday night? No. What are the odds that it will have to drive through the front window of a bank and defuse a bomb some day? Unlikely given that it can’t do either of those things. The Cougar for the most part will be kept in heated storage and taken out once a week for a drive so it doesn’t seize up from not being used. It will however be used for things like standoff’s, not the kind where someone is in a bank with hostages, the kind that our officers actually get called out to. Like the hostage situation that happened a few months ago in Hopewell.

Do situations like the one mentioned above happen all the time? No. I know I’m biased here given that Count Jackula is on the Town Council and my future Father-in-law  is a Police Officer for the town of New Glasgow , but I like knowing that when he arrives  to a very serious situation he will be protected. Last week two officers in small Quebec town were shot inside their car  when arriving to investigate a domestic disturbance , one of those officers was killed. This is an extreme example and I hope it never happens to anyone again. But why do people feel that protecting Police Officers is a waste of money? If this vehicle was only used once and it  save someones life, it’s well worth it.

JLI bet that Police Commissioner in the photo from the New Glasgow News has a hilarious daughter who sometimes acts like an asshole but for the most part is a good person and wouldn’t mind going out for Chicken Wings this week.

For the record I will actively look for a job when the time comes…

My summer of EI was starting to look up. I realized one of my best friends will be home would also be collecting pogey at the same time. We had plans to relive our summer of 2003! Then I find out the Canadian Government has decided to start policing EI recipients. Here’s my issue with this…

I’ve paid into this system since I was 16 and never once drawn on it. I have a right to collect on this until I find a suitable position. But the government plans on sending its EI Gestapo to the homes of citizens to round us up and force us to work in Wal-Mart’s within driving distance. Yet the idea of sending a social worker into the home of an able bodied welfare recipient to make sure they’re not spending our money on smokes and motor oil is out of the question and degrading to people on social assistance???

If you’re going to force people into jobs, how about creating one where I get a video camera and follow people around on cheque day? I’ll create a report on each case marking down how they spend the money and what they do all day instead of working. If I have some downtime with the job, I will head over to the hospital emergency room to shake people down who claim to have lower back pains and need Meds.

Harriet the Spy

I am totally going to get all  Harriet M. Welsch on these people, I’m predicting a lot of punches in my face!

You’re all welcome

I’m going to let everyone from the New Glasgow area in on a secret. Thursday night is the new Friday at the Superstore! If you  visit the Meals to Go counter after 5pm you can buy 2 1/4 piece white meat rotisserie  chicken dinners for $5.00!!!! For awhile I was on the fence about sharing this secret because I didn’t want it to turn into the new Toonie Tuesday were all the filthy families flood the parking lot and you miss out on the deal because you’re too impatient and scruff kids cause you lose your appetite with food all over their face dipping their chicken in the store brand ketchup.



It’s almost time for smokes on the beach!!!

So 30 started out a little rough with me having a meltdown on Wednesday night and then on my actual birthday almost choking to death in the shower on toothpaste when I realized I was using SB’s toothbrush instead of my own. But by the end of yesterday things were shaping up. I was the recipient of several new clothing items, dinner at Mamatsu, Mexico Money, Carrot Cake, and lots of phone calls, personal greetings and texts all filled with  birthday love!

I’ve also made it a priority to look decent two days in a row at work now that I’m 30. That breaks my old record by two whole days! My next big challenge is my two-week Mexico starvation diet because I forgot to exercise and eat healthy since booking this trip 5 months ago.


No matter how badly I’ve let myself go, I’ll never look as haggard as Tanning Mom!

And so begins Ludachristmas!!!!

It’s the eve of the Apocalypse and if the world ends tomorrow you better believe I  plan on spending it eating Cocoanut Shrimp, listening to Chickenfoot and getting out of control Christmas drunk. Although I don’t think the world will really end given that when Western Civilization switched over to the Gregorian calendar 11 days were dropped from its cycle. Meaning December 21 2012 has already happened if you go by the Maya calendar. Either way, I plan on getting extra Christmas drunk this year just in case!


If the world does end, know that I lived out my dream by having this poster created.