They took our jobs!!!!

So the town of New Glasgow now has a Cougar Armored Vehicle. It’s not a tank, it doesn’t have any sort of gun stuff on the outside or any other tank kind of stuff. It’s causing a stir on the NG News website. I’m not going to get into the comments over the fucking Christmas Parade or how New Glasgow should be giving their money to the Pictou Rink. Those people are fucking morons and I actually feel bad for them. I support the towns decision to own one of these vehicles. Here is what I think about this, it’s just my opinion and maybe I’m totally wrong…

Yes it was a free gift. The town applied for one like almost every other town did. There will be a cost associated with maintenance just like every other town owned piece of equipment in New Glasgow. They already have an Officer on staff with previous experience and training. Will the town have to pay for additional training? Yes.

Will it be parked outside Club D every Friday night? No. What are the odds that it will have to drive through the front window of a bank and defuse a bomb some day? Unlikely given that it can’t do either of those things. The Cougar for the most part will be kept in heated storage and taken out once a week for a drive so it doesn’t seize up from not being used. It will however be used for things like standoff’s, not the kind where someone is in a bank with hostages, the kind that our officers actually get called out to. Like the hostage situation that happened a few months ago in Hopewell.

Do situations like the one mentioned above happen all the time? No. I know I’m biased here given that Count Jackula is on the Town Council and my future Father-in-law  is a Police Officer for the town of New Glasgow , but I like knowing that when he arrives  to a very serious situation he will be protected. Last week two officers in small Quebec town were shot inside their car  when arriving to investigate a domestic disturbance , one of those officers was killed. This is an extreme example and I hope it never happens to anyone again. But why do people feel that protecting Police Officers is a waste of money? If this vehicle was only used once and it  save someones life, it’s well worth it.

JLI bet that Police Commissioner in the photo from the New Glasgow News has a hilarious daughter who sometimes acts like an asshole but for the most part is a good person and wouldn’t mind going out for Chicken Wings this week.