So Long Forensic Files Saturday

After months of saying it, I finally did it. I cancelled our cable. The decision came quite easily after realizing I watched six consecutive hours of Bar Rescue the other day. For those of you keeping track. That is  360 minutes of Jon Taffer yelling at  losers. Other shows I’m OK with never watching again include…

CSI Anything… And I’m just going to come out and say it. True Detective sucks this season too.


No it’s not Horatio, it never is!!

Any show featuring a bunch a big mouth women sitting around a table yelling over each other trying to get their point across.Dance Mom’s and Nancy Grace can also fall into this category.

hair cut

If a woman has this hairstyle she is going to be  awful.

The Bachelor…Don’t even fucking get me started.


Oh good, because I was thinking this season would feature a bunch of mentally unstable women pitted against each other waiting in a line to find out if they’re good enough to compete for someones time.