Ronnie stop eating cheesies on my bed!

Since November 2013 I’ve been gluten and sometimes ( I cheated like crazy over the Holidays) dairy free. I have to admit, I’ve noticed huge changes. I’m down fifteen pounds, my skin looks better and I feel pretty good in general. Yesterday I posted a pic of my dinner to Instagram (because I’m that person.) Here is the recipe for my  homemade gluten and dairy free Mamastu Spicy Sesame Chicken.

2-3 Chicken Breast

1 cup julienne cut raw carrots

1 cup julienne cut  raw turnip

2-3 green onions thinly sliced

2 cloves minced garlic

1 small piece of ginger minced ( or 2 frozen cubes or 1 tsp of dry ginger)

1 tbs sesame oil

1 tsp sugar

1-2 tbs Sriracha garlic chili sauce ( this is different from the big squeeze bottle of Sriracha, it comes in a bottle with a green twist off top. You can find a photo here )

Once the chicken has been cooked, roughly chop and set aside. Mix all of the ingredients listed above together and add the chicken. Place it in the fridge until  you’re ready to plate , the dish is served cold with warm rice.

The amount of Sriracha used will depend on how spicy you like you food. One tablespoon will make it really spicy ,two will be insanely spicy yet amazingly delicious!

blogHipsters are going to love this!!


It’s almost time for smokes on the beach!!!

So 30 started out a little rough with me having a meltdown on Wednesday night and then on my actual birthday almost choking to death in the shower on toothpaste when I realized I was using SB’s toothbrush instead of my own. But by the end of yesterday things were shaping up. I was the recipient of several new clothing items, dinner at Mamatsu, Mexico Money, Carrot Cake, and lots of phone calls, personal greetings and texts all filled with  birthday love!

I’ve also made it a priority to look decent two days in a row at work now that I’m 30. That breaks my old record by two whole days! My next big challenge is my two-week Mexico starvation diet because I forgot to exercise and eat healthy since booking this trip 5 months ago.


No matter how badly I’ve let myself go, I’ll never look as haggard as Tanning Mom!