For the record I will actively look for a job when the time comes…

My summer of EI was starting to look up. I realized one of my best friends will be home would also be collecting pogey at the same time. We had plans to relive our summer of 2003! Then I find out the Canadian Government has decided to start policing EI recipients. Here’s my issue with this…

I’ve paid into this system since I was 16 and never once drawn on it. I have a right to collect on this until I find a suitable position. But the government plans on sending its EI Gestapo to the homes of citizens to round us up and force us to work in Wal-Mart’s within driving distance. Yet the idea of sending a social worker into the home of an able bodied welfare recipient to make sure they’re not spending our money on smokes and motor oil is out of the question and degrading to people on social assistance???

If you’re going to force people into jobs, how about creating one where I get a video camera and follow people around on cheque day? I’ll create a report on each case marking down how they spend the money and what they do all day instead of working. If I have some downtime with the job, I will head over to the hospital emergency room to shake people down who claim to have lower back pains and need Meds.

Harriet the Spy

I am totally going to get all  Harriet M. Welsch on these people, I’m predicting a lot of punches in my face!


Last Week !!!!!

Today was the last time I will ever have to wake up at 5:30 on a Monday morning and get ready to drive into the city. While I’m going to miss my driving partner and all of our good times, I’m not going to miss spending three hours out of each day in a car looking at one dead animal after another all over the highway!

I’m really looking forward to the starting of a new job. Being a half an hour drive from my new office is going to be amazing. However I’m a little nervous about my new environment. For instance, last week I found out the entire office watches Big Brother and they don’t just watch it. They talk about it non stop and flip-up over what happened the night before while having their morning recap session. I’m scared to tell my new coworkers I don’t watch Big Brother because I spend all my TV time watching wrestling , wrestling documentaries and movies featuring late 1980’s  WWF superstars.

Their all going to think I’m some sort of hillbilly when this conversation takes place…

Coworker Hey Rebecca, can you believe that Power of Veto competition from last night on Big Brother?? My mind is blown!!!

Me No I didn’t see it, I downloaded the 1996 Motion Picture Classic,  Santa with Muscles starring Hulk Hogan last night and watched that instead.

Coworker Oh…

Best movie ever!!

And now my big news!

Sorry for missing two posts this week. It has been a pretty hectic work week for me. I had my boss from head office down all week so taking a break to blog wouldn’t have been the best idea. In other work news Olive Oil no longer works for my company! And taking his place is yours truly!!!! I’ve got a pretty decent handle on the new position as Olive Oil hasn’t bothered to show up for work for almost a month now anyway. Now that I’m a woman of power I’m going to have to cut back on my online reality TV watching time and ordering chicken fingers when I’m out in public.

Something tells me Chicken Toast isn’t a respected afternoon snack among my higher up colleagues.

Hello Staff Discounts!

Things are starting to come together for my move home, I’ve had a few interviews around NG and then yesterday I discovered the perfect job! The Pictou County Co-op is currently hiring a Store Manager, this would be a great job for me for so many reasons and here they all are…

1. I’ve been in numerous parades on top of the Co-op float.  Big Marg worked there for years and always brought Cousin Red and I along. One year instead of tossing out candy, we gave away boxes of Orange Pekoe Tea.

2. I can stomach the store brand food items. As a child I was forced to eat every generic product that Harmony produced except for Ketchup and Kraft Dinner.

3. I’m pretty sure they only continue to sell Co-op brand bbq chips because I buy them in bulk.

4.  I would love to work in an environment that has a hot dog stand

5.  No one ever shops there so it would be a pretty easy job. I would increase sales by ending the Sunday flea market and opening the store for business on Sundays like every other grocery franchise.

6. Not only does the store have an indoor hotdog stand and a  rotisserie chicken display they are always putting on charity bbq’s. No one can judge you for eating three hotdogs when it’s for a good cause!

I’m pretty sure this company is in major financial trouble now…

I’ve decided I’m not going to talk about my restaurant career, I’ve worked in  a few different places and it’s always the same. Some people tip, some don’t. Those who tip well get great service the next time they come in. Those who don’t will receive shitty service and I will more than likely serve them a drink with a straw that has been rolled around on the ground. To this day I can’t step into a Smitty’s restaurant without  thinking to myself that somewhere in the back, a server is throwing up into a compost bin because she’s so hung over.

What I am going to talk about today is the six months I spent working for a Gas Station. I took a break from the serving industry during my  fourth year of University. I loved working at the Gas Station. The only real rules they had there were to show up for your shift and don’t steal smokes or money from the cash register. They even let you drink five free cans of pop a day. I love Diet  Pepsi but even I couldn’t make it to the daily cap of five cans. Unless you’re an obese child living in Alabama, it’s physically impossible.

It wasn’t possible to get fired from this job. My Manager was always so impressed that I did things like mop the floor and cleaned the washroom twice per shift, he would tell me I could have an extra can of pop if I wanted one. I think I made cleaning the washroom such a priority because I was in there peeing all time from all the free carbonated liquids! 

I once filled a diesel engine with regular gas while employed there, yet no one seemed to care. The company had to pay over$5000.00 to repair a lady’s car. I thought for sure I was going to be fired but it didn’t even come up during my three-month performance review. They actually told me to keep up the good work. Sadly I had to end my employment with the Gas Station but I would go back to work there any day!


My first Summer home from University was the second greatest Summer ever. I was working for the Town of New Glasgow’s Bike Patrol making $7.25 an hour cruising the Streets of New Glasgow fighting crime.

This job ruled. Their were two cliques . The first being made up of five people who took the job overly serious ( Two of the guys ended up becoming real Police Men) and my group of friends that I hung out with all the time, Paul, Adam and Jason. The best part about this job was when our Supervisor, who was hired by the unemployment office to secure government funding decided that the four of us were not responsible enough to work the night shifts or weekends. Not allowing a bunch of 19 year olds to work on weekends doesn’t teach them a lesson in responsibility, if anything it made us even more wreckless…

We spent most of our weekday afternoons hiding our bikes behind my parents barn while we drove to Truro to go shopping  and watching TV at Paul and Jason’s house. We weren’t technically fired but in the end the four of us were all given a grade of Do not Rehire.  Several reasons were given, such as leaving a dead bird in the office. For the record he was alive when we left him the night before.  It also didn’t help that the day after I was hired I drove around town throwing water balloons at people and someone called it in…

It should be pointed out that no one bothered to mention in my review  I once caught a Wild Turkey that was running around the North End attacking dogs and almost caused a car accident. I had to bike back to the office with a Turkey in a cement bag. You’re Welcome.

The Sour Cream Glazed is an amazing Donut.

Working at the Tim Horton’s in New Glasgow for almost three years was one of the best jobs I ever held. I like to think that I worked for Tim Horton’s during the last stage of its glory years. I sported that sweet uniform consisting of tapered burgundy pants, a button up striped shirt, neck ruffle and a visor. That uniform was replaced by one that looked like Col.Sanders Suit during my last week of employment there. The donuts were still made on site daily at that time too. It was a great time to be an 18-year-old girl who could eat whatever she wanted and never gain a pound.

I loved everyone I worked with and I was usually in charge of working the sandwich station at lunch time. Making Sandwiches and Chicken Stew in a bread bowl was the greatest job ever. My second favorite job while working there was decorating the donuts while working back shift. I enjoyed being a total prick and overfilling the Boston Creams so once someone bit into one it would explode everywhere. Making the donuts also gave me creative control over the Timbit flavors. I liked to make Vanilla Dipped and Cherry Filled Powdered Timbits, you never see these kinds in stores now!

I also had my own way of dealing with  rude customers. I would throw Timbits out the drive thru window to the Seagulls. People lost their smart attitude pretty quickly when a twenty pound bird was swooping in beside them for a Timbit…