For the record I will actively look for a job when the time comes…

My summer of EI was starting to look up. I realized one of my best friends will be home would also be collecting pogey at the same time. We had plans to relive our summer of 2003! Then I find out the Canadian Government has decided to start policing EI recipients. Here’s my issue with this…

I’ve paid into this system since I was 16 and never once drawn on it. I have a right to collect on this until I find a suitable position. But the government plans on sending its EI Gestapo to the homes of citizens to round us up and force us to work in Wal-Mart’s within driving distance. Yet the idea of sending a social worker into the home of an able bodied welfare recipient to make sure they’re not spending our money on smokes and motor oil is out of the question and degrading to people on social assistance???

If you’re going to force people into jobs, how about creating one where I get a video camera and follow people around on cheque day? I’ll create a report on each case marking down how they spend the money and what they do all day instead of working. If I have some downtime with the job, I will head over to the hospital emergency room to shake people down who claim to have lower back pains and need Meds.

Harriet the Spy

I am totally going to get allĀ  Harriet M. Welsch on these people, I’m predicting a lot of punches in my face!