I wonder if our new home will be haunted???

I do some weird things in my sleep and as a result SB hasn’t really had a solid nights sleep in over a year because he needs to constantly be on alert for when I try to move a dresser in my sleep or just wake him up and start screaming about birds.  But now I’m getting  a taste of my own crazy medicine.

The Red Headed Bastard has been having night terrors, not just a little dream where he kicks and barks in his sleep. I mean full on 4th dimension of hell night terrors.  Twice this week we’ve woken up to find him sitting up in his bed howling and the only way to calm him down was to let him sleep in between us. The poor little fucker even shakes until you can make him fall back to sleep.

Maybe he’s upset because The Chive won’t feature him in their Animals that don’t Suck section