The Evolution of Boys Haircuts in New Glasgow

Everyone started off Junior High with the same haircut, regardless of how cool you were…

hair 2

Then they started to part it in the middle and grow it out.

hair 1

After the grown out mushroom reached it peak, guys discovered the Caesar Cut along with cable knit Tommy Hilfiger turtle necks.

hair 3

Then bleaching your hair and letting it grow out so you had “roots” was the hottest thing a guy could ever do*

hair 4

Sometime in the early 2000’s shaggy hair was the new hot thing a guy could do. Usually this hair cut was accompanied by a trucker hat, seashell necklace or a witty graphic t from American Eagle.

hair 5No  matter how awful haircuts between the time frame of 1994-2003 were, nothing will ever be as god awful as this…

DJ Pauly D returns to Haze Nightclub for his monthly TURNT UP residency at ARIA CityCenter

* A guy from town  named Larry once bleached out his already disgusting long hair, then continued to let it grow twice in length, this was not a hot look. His face and hair actually made him look identical to Jesus. **

** This is not the same Larry I’m planning on marrying in 80 days time.