Go Fund Yourself

I’ve pretty much had enough of ” Go Fund Me” which is unfortunate because a lot of good can come out of something like this . For example, raising  money for people who actually need help.  Asking people to pay your way through college , fund your vacation , pay your rent or help fix your teeth is about as entitled as me asking for someone to fund an expensive dinner I’d like to make.It’s right up there on my list of annoyances next to posting photos of yourself with poor kids from vacation that you gave a dollar to. ( I did something nice, better post it all over Facebook so everyone knows)

At least offer something in return, if you’re trying to get your art out there, cool. I’ll help you out, you’re giving something back to a community . But if you’re using this system as a means of lazy begging, maybe try working.I’ve worked since the age of 15, sometimes two jobs at the same time. Try earning something on your own!


This is exactly whom I picture behind every Go Fund Me page.




I’m more of a Movementarian these days.

Growing up there was no task as daunting for Mama Cat or myself as attempting to get me ready for Church. Every week it was the same horrible routine. I didn’t even mind the part where I attended the House of the Lord, I just hated the entire process on getting me there. It started with me switching back and forth from Amazing Discoveries and ASN’s Sunday Morning Programming such as The Rockets and Wonder Why? hoping that they would forget it was Sunday and we had to go to church. By 9:45 I was forced into a shower and the fun began.

  1. Searching the entire house for a pair of tights that were clearly lined with fiberglass insulation. I need to remind myself of this when I want to dress my daughter in a pair!
  2. While the good lord might not care about what you have on, the old ladies who will compliment your mother on your hotter than hell velvet Laura Ashley or Bill Blass dress do!  I would usually take my dress off immediately once we were home, crumple it up in a ball and throw it on my closet floor. This made for extra work on Sunday Morning when my mom realized she would now have to iron my lace Peter Pan collar.
  3. hairsprayWeather it was a french braid or just curling my sweet church bangs, it was always finished off with this horrible pumped hair spray and accompanied by my screaming. I swear I can still taste this in the back of my throat to this day.
  4. Getting to wear your good Sunday School Shoes. I actually loved this part. I wasn’t permitted to wear these throughout the week, so walking around for an hour in a pair of patten leather shoes was a real treat!
  5. As a reward to my brother and I for not acting like little cunts during the service, almost every Sunday we went to the Peter Pan for brunch. Which to this day I still miss and I would probably take up attending church again if they were still open.

So Long Forensic Files Saturday

After months of saying it, I finally did it. I cancelled our cable. The decision came quite easily after realizing I watched six consecutive hours of Bar Rescue the other day. For those of you keeping track. That is  360 minutes of Jon Taffer yelling at  losers. Other shows I’m OK with never watching again include…

CSI Anything… And I’m just going to come out and say it. True Detective sucks this season too.


No it’s not Horatio, it never is!!

Any show featuring a bunch a big mouth women sitting around a table yelling over each other trying to get their point across.Dance Mom’s and Nancy Grace can also fall into this category.

hair cut

If a woman has this hairstyle she is going to be  awful.

The Bachelor…Don’t even fucking get me started.


Oh good, because I was thinking this season would feature a bunch of mentally unstable women pitted against each other waiting in a line to find out if they’re good enough to compete for someones time.