It’s My Annual Cunty Valentine’s Day Post!

I feel that all men need to realize that a stuffed animal is the worst Valentines Day gift ever.¬† As a grown woman, I have never looked at my bed and thought to myself…I could really use some more stuffed animals on this thing. I can assure you, there is no place on an adult bed for a giant gorilla holding a pillow that reads I Love You!

2f_stuffed12232001202240Guys, If you can’t just throw all her stuffed animals onto the floor when you get into bed. She’s going to be weird. Like enjoys collecting burnt image wooden mugs you will never be permitted to drink from weird.


Ladies of Pictou County, stop selling free formula and or formula coupons online!!!

I’ve been readmitted to the Pictou County Mr.Barter’s page. I just have to keep my snippy comments to myself, or at least off their page. I actually use this page and a person can find great deals here. However, you have to wade through a lot of shit sometimes.

Along with people looking for things in prestige condition for next to nothing of free, some of my personal favorites are the people who sell used products that have no business being resold… Candles with at least another hour of burn life, 1/4 of a bag of pet food, items that come free with a case of beer. The photo below is my find of the week!!


My best offer is to bury these at sea, so they can’t come to life on the anniversary of its creators death and kill people in their sleep.

Things I plan on eating after April 7th

Sandwiches, so many sandwiches made with real bread and delicious cured meat!!


KFC, not the chicken part just the skin. Hopefully we can stop at the KFC Taco-Bell on the way home from the airport for an order of Fries Supreme as well.


Aged white cheddar with crackers, I want my jaws to hurt from shoveling large amounts of sharp cheese into my mouth.


A Big Mac followed by Chicken McNuggets in one seating. And maybe that delicious After Eight chocolate and mint pie they keep trying to up-sell me every time I get a coffee.


For real, I have been eating like a fucking bird for the past three months. When I walk down that isle I want people to be alarmed by my weight loss. I spent and entire Christmas season passing up on cheese and drinking low-calorie reduced alcohol  wine. Do you know what low-calorie red wine tastes like? It tastes like shit.