Things I actually begged my parents for…

A Blossom Hat, I wanted this for this for months. I thought I would look so cool…Mine was made from blue velvet and fake pink flowers.

blog 1

Tinted shades.Apparently all the girls in my grade ten class liked to dress like we were going to a poetry slam or staring in a  Len video with the Cryptic Soul Crew.

blog 2

Tear away track pants, I actually never received these. Probably because my parents knew I wasn’t cool enough to safely wear a pair! Nor was I ever in any sort of athletic situation where I just had to rip my warmup pants off and play a sport.

blog 3

ANYTHING made by Bonne Bell. my grade 7-10 lipstick evolution for school pictures went like this…Clear  roll-on gloss, cinnamon lipstick, mocha lipstick, attempting to wear coffee bean but rubbing it off my lips just before leaving for school and being self-conscious of it still being there all day.

blog 4


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