Best Worst Show Alert!!!!

So I’m in love with the MTV show Catfish!!! I’m obsessed with it for so many reasons.

1. I’m pretty sure someone on my Facebook friends list is doing this exact thing right now.

2. It is  amazing how dimwitted people can be. If you have been online dating someone for over a year and haven’t had a webcam conversation with them…There’s a good chance that person looks nothing like the Tracy Gold photos they have been sending you.

3. The meet ups! I love the reaction when they meet face to face for the first time.  The faces these people get on are hilarious.  I swear some of the people are considering roundhouse kicking  the other persons head off.

4. The reasoning behind a fake profiles. These are straight out of Maury Povich show stills. I didn’t want you to find out I have a glass eye. I ruined your life because you dated my boyfriend three years ago. I made a fake Facebook account because my Baby Daddy is in Jail. Who am I kidding, this show is the new Maury!!!!


If someone sends you this photo from their Grams birthday party, you’ve been Catfished. This is actually the Seductive Witch from Troll 2.


Soul on Fire

If there’s one thing I love in this world, its Maury Povich screen shots!!!

seems-legit-16This rivals the time Arica found out her man was cheating because she found a tooth!

mp2Pickles and too much mustard are my favorite ingredients on a sandwich. I hate these people.

mp3This is exactly what everyone from Amherst looks like.

mp5I enjoy how they mention the fact someone only has one leg.

mp4This actually seems like a legitimate reason to sleep with someone…