Mom friends, what’s going on here??

As the Number One Aunt to the worlds most adorable twins, I like to buy them over priced things just because. $25.00 Motörhead shirt that will fit for a month? They need it! Baby Jeggings… How could I not buy these??? But one item I will never buy is this… 

leghuggers2Baby Leg Warmers. Never in my life have I looked at a baby and thought, oh their crotch looks really warm, but their legs are so cold!!!  Maybe as a self-absorbed childless woman in her early 30’s, I just don’t get it and this is some sort of life saving mom product. But to me it looks like the baby version of that guy who walks around in a t-shirt with a puffy winter vest on.


One response to “Mom friends, what’s going on here??

  1. I think I can lend my hand in this. We use cloth diapers and it’s presently getting cold. We can put pants on her, yea, but to increase the size big enough to fit over the cloth diaper means we’ll also have to cause our daughter’s legs to disappear in a lot of fabric. That would mean she’d have more difficulty pushing with her feet and not pulling her pants and diaper down at the same time. Baby leg warmers helped immensely because they let our little girl have her legs covered and kept warm while not having to go crazy with pants sizes just to fit them over the cloth diaper. Now, she doesn’t go around shirtless, because it is cold right now, so she’s usually in long sleeves, but that’s just what we use them for. It’s stopped a lot of the comments of “Oh, her pants are way too big” and “Oh, she’s going to catch a cold being without pants” (even though we have a blanket on her). It’s not a fashion statement for us, it’s just insanely convenient in our situation.

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