Twins on the TV

In honour of my favorite twins turning one year old today, I present some of my favorite fictional  brother and sister twins…


Dennis and Dee Reynolds, I hope these two own a bar and let me hangout with their gang some day!


The Edison Twins, who doesn’t love a set of twins meddling in their business solving mysteries about town


Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. I know two little babies who if they play their cards right will receive a sweet Halloween costume from their number one Aunt this year!


Michale Bluth and Lindsay Funke. I hope you two grow up to finish each others sandwiches.


Countdown to Extinction

The July 1st bets have been made, I will once again be giving up Diet Pop which is more of a punishment to the people around me who have to listen to me go on and on about it then it is for me to give it up. This years competition will extend past New Years Day and end on our Down South Wedding Day!  An exemption to allow diet pop has been set for Christmas when I get out of control Christmas drunk on spiced rum. SB has always come out on top when it comes to these bets. So I’ve decide instead of giving things up,  He has to start doing something.

From now on, when we are seated in a dinning establishment no matter how fancy or who might be with us, he has to ask What kind of grape pop do ya got? Some of the formal events I’m looking forward to in the upcoming months are  Engagement Parties, Anniversary Dinners, Birthdays, Trips to Tronny where he will be surrounded by people who have never met him and our  Wedding Dinner.


If either of us fail, we have the same punishment , chugging a glass of grape pop in a manner that gives you a pop mustache and having to walk around in public with it.

This just in….I’m a bitch.

I often wonder how people ever fished for sympathy before the days of Facebook?I’m not talking about major life changing events, like someone passing on. More so events like your boyfriend dumped you (probably because you posted all the details of your fights on Facebook. ) Did they walk around a mall letting out huge sighs over and over again until someone asked them Whats Wrong? And once they had enough people tell them to stay strong or reinforce how great of a person they truly are did they go home and carry on with their life?

What about babies with colds, how did they ever get better without having their parents read all their well wishes from Facebook to them when they had the sniffles??

And then you have my person favorite…The person who posts an update, not enough people ask whats wrong or give them attention, so they delete the update and post something more over the top and dramatic to gain more sympathy.


Reinventing the Steel

Seriously Avril Lavinge, you’re never going to grow up?? You’re 30 fucking years old and you have to release a song to remind everyone how edgy you still are?? Lets take a look at this…

*EXCLUSIVE* Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger : Love Boat in Australia [USA ONLY]

Well here you are with Chad Kruger in his finest Sunday School shoes.


Looking good April!


Hanging out with the epitome of a douche bag.


Nothing says tough like giving the middle finger in a photo. You’re the equivalent to that annoying friend on Facebook who needs to remind everyone they’re a rocker chick once a month.

The best part about any job is goofing off time!

I’m organizing a retirement party for one of my coworkers for this Thursday afternoon. So far everyone seems pretty excited to go, but I love when I get an RSVP that’s tentative. I’m sorry but what are you Maybe doing at 2:30 on a Thursday that’s more fun then going to a party where sandwiches and squares are being served??  I should respond back with Maybe you should stay home then.  Going away work parties are the best, it sets the tone for relaxing all day in preparation for the event. How could you not want to attend a social event like this??

Office-Christmas-party-001This is exactly how I want people to act on my last day. I also plan on throwing myself a make your own microwaved nachos party.

Several people, one spoon.

You know what one of the grossest things ever is?? That community spoon that sits around in a murky glass of  water used to stir coffee and tea in an office or a café.  The only thing grosser than this, is a glass ketchup bottle on a table in a restaurant . Every time I look at one I just picture someone licking their knife clean and then sticking it in the bottle to make it come out faster.


This is basically what you are doing when you use the community spoon.