Welcome to the death of a century…

If there’s one question I hate during interviews, it’s What would you consider to be your weakness? You know why I hate it?? Because an employer is basically asking me to lie to their face. People always give the same answer, Oh I have a hard time leaving my work in the office at the end of the day. I need to learn how to say no to my co-workers when they need help. They basically try to make their only weakness a strength. You know what my work weaknesses are??

If I have to pick up pens at staples I leave two hours early to do it.

I play Candy Crush Saga for a large part of my workday.

I drink too much and come to work hung over ALL THE TIME!!!!

My favorite thing about coming to work is walking around the office socializing everyone.

The other day at work I called a cartoon character a whiny little cunt  in front of a five-year old kid.


I actually own a mug just like this.


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