And now the time I tried to purchase an Administrative Professionals Day card.

I was hoping to beat the rush and get a head start on Administrative Professionals Day by getting a card this morning, that and I also  thought it was today when it’s really tomorrow. Luckily I have an extra day because  I left the Antigonish Superstore empty handed.

Me- Hey, where are the Administrative Professional Day cards.

Lady working, whom might I add has one job…The card aisle-  What?

Me-You know, Admins Day…Secretaries Day??

Lady- I’ve never heard of it.

Me- Well you should have because it’s been around for like fifty years.

Lady- Oh well we only have Nurses cards left for that holiday. ( Points to a giant orange sign that reads Nurses Day)

Me-That’s a totally different holiday.

Lady- No, it’s the same, we just only have nurses cards left. All the others sold out.

Me- OK, do you have just a blank package of Thank You Cards?

Lady- No, they don’t make those anymore. ( REALLY??????)

Me-Forget it, I’m going else where.

awful peopleThis lady probably thinks I’m some sort of Cunt from Hell to work with and that I should be buying a fuck of a lot more than a card for anyone who has to come in-contact with me in the work place. But seriously lady, come on!!!!


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