And now the time I tried to purchase an Administrative Professionals Day card.

I was hoping to beat the rush and get a head start on Administrative Professionals Day by getting a card this morning, that and I also  thought it was today when it’s really tomorrow. Luckily I have an extra day because  I left the Antigonish Superstore empty handed.

Me- Hey, where are the Administrative Professional Day cards.

Lady working, whom might I add has one job…The card aisle-  What?

Me-You know, Admins Day…Secretaries Day??

Lady- I’ve never heard of it.

Me- Well you should have because it’s been around for like fifty years.

Lady- Oh well we only have Nurses cards left for that holiday. ( Points to a giant orange sign that reads Nurses Day)

Me-That’s a totally different holiday.

Lady- No, it’s the same, we just only have nurses cards left. All the others sold out.

Me- OK, do you have just a blank package of Thank You Cards?

Lady- No, they don’t make those anymore. ( REALLY??????)

Me-Forget it, I’m going else where.

awful peopleThis lady probably thinks I’m some sort of Cunt from Hell to work with and that I should be buying a fuck of a lot more than a card for anyone who has to come in-contact with me in the work place. But seriously lady, come on!!!!


For the record, this wasn’t at Debbie’s Tim’s. She is the greatest!

I’m breaking my non blogging streak because I’m finally fired up over something. I’ve worked out every goddamn day for a month, I stopped eating sandwiches and have cut booze out . Today I treated myself to a toasted cocoanut doughnut from Tim’s and you know what those fucking cunts gave me??? Cinnamon fucking sugar! That would be a real treat if I was 90.

How hard is it to give someone their correct order?? I’ve worked in the same position, someone wanted a chocolate dip, I grabbed it and gave it to them.Order complete.  I also knew how to properly toast a fucking bagel when I worked there and I was able to butter it without making the bag see through as well.


You know where this would never happen??  DunkinDonuts That place is amazing!