For the record I will actively look for a job when the time comes…

My summer of EI was starting to look up. I realized one of my best friends will be home would also be collecting pogey at the same time. We had plans to relive our summer of 2003! Then I find out the Canadian Government has decided to start policing EI recipients. Here’s my issue with this…

I’ve paid into this system since I was 16 and never once drawn on it. I have a right to collect on this until I find a suitable position. But the government plans on sending its EI Gestapo to the homes of citizens to round us up and force us to work in Wal-Mart’s within driving distance. Yet the idea of sending a social worker into the home of an able bodied welfare recipient to make sure they’re not spending our money on smokes and motor oil is out of the question and degrading to people on social assistance???

If you’re going to force people into jobs, how about creating one where I get a video camera and follow people around on cheque day? I’ll create a report on each case marking down how they spend the money and what they do all day instead of working. If I have some downtime with the job, I will head over to the hospital emergency room to shake people down who claim to have lower back pains and need Meds.

Harriet the Spy

I am totally going to get all  Harriet M. Welsch on these people, I’m predicting a lot of punches in my face!


You’re all welcome

I’m going to let everyone from the New Glasgow area in on a secret. Thursday night is the new Friday at the Superstore! If you  visit the Meals to Go counter after 5pm you can buy 2 1/4 piece white meat rotisserie  chicken dinners for $5.00!!!! For awhile I was on the fence about sharing this secret because I didn’t want it to turn into the new Toonie Tuesday were all the filthy families flood the parking lot and you miss out on the deal because you’re too impatient and scruff kids cause you lose your appetite with food all over their face dipping their chicken in the store brand ketchup.



Carl is the perfect combination of all the kids I disliked in Elementry School

When will the writers of The Walking Dead kill off that little cunt Carl?  Every episode I think ” Oh please be the night where Carl gets his face ripped off by a zombie who for some reason has the strength of a orangutang ” But nope! You kill the cast members people like instead.

If Carl were a child in the real world he would be that ass of a kid who has awesome stuff like a forty pack of scented makers and rubs it in your face when he won’t let you use  them or yells things like ” get off my property ” to people.


Well this is just a depressing post…

Sorry for the lack of blogs. Things are pretty stressful right now and I can’t really talk about why but if you read the papers and know anything about where I work , it’s pretty easy to figure it out. Or you can just give me a glass of wine and I’ll tell you exactly how I feel!

I’m finishing up month seven in my one year contract and for the first time in my life I’m worried about not having a job. Or at least a job that doesn’t involve working at The Dollar Store or some other sort of discount warehouse in Pictou County.  In all honesty my anxiety is insane now and I’m a miserable person to be around.

If Tim Horton’s would consider bringing back Chicken Stew in a Bread Bowl, that might help cheer me up. So would some McDonald’s Pizza.



A couple worse than Katy Perry and John Mayer…

Do you know who I dislike more than Chris Brown? That skank Rihanna. What the hell is wrong with her?? Some of her life choices  make me think that maybe he didn’t attack her and was actually defending himself from her when she went Single Mom on Talk show Crazy on him.


Ha, Remember that time you ruined my career when  I tried to kill you before the Grammys ??

The Big Turk is the Worst Treat in History.

You know what I really enjoy? Quality candy with my bill at a restaurant. Mints are OK, but nothing grosses me out more than unwrapping one of those little green or red stripped hard mints and putting it in your mouth only to discover its all soft.

The following falls into the class of OK candy ( pending the freshness) Chocolate Center Mints, Suckers and the old ladyish mint that is round with a hard shell and soft in the middle. Usually a quality bill treat consists of an After Eight or a generic mini Peppermint Paddy.

But what I would really like to see is the following

Junior Mints These are the top shelf choice when it comes to mints!

Icy Squares, I love Icy Squares I am waiting for the New Glasgow Zellers to mark this product down to 70% off

Individual Peanut Butter Cups either the Reese Minis or just the regular size ones, I’m not fussy!

Mini Eggs, I would double my tip if someone gave me Mini Eggs at the end of my meal.


For the record, I have a fantastic selection of candy at my desk!