Live-In Skin

In an act of sheer desperation at the airport, I broke down and purchased a Cosmo Magazine. For those of you who haven’t invested in this months issue, let me save you the $7.00 and give you a rundown…

How to spice up your dates. The obvious suggestion would be to put out, but Cosmo urges their readers to try making spaghetti! What I am fucking Mormon ???

As always Cosmo has come up with new ways to wow your man in bed. I didn’t even bother reading this article. I already know all the moves because I’m dynamite in the sack. But it might help some of you.

An article that suggest you wear a ratty pair of old spanx on a date to keep yourself from getting too frisky…Not even joking

More stuff you didn’t know about guys… I think they should spend more time on these articles but give the reader some useful information. Like instead of telling you that not every guy knows how to fix a car, they should recant some of the suggestions they have made in the past on things to try while blowing him.


I wish this magazine would publish a useful article like  how to tell if you have food on your face when someone barges into your office on your lunch hour.


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