The first of many unnecessary wedding expenses

How necessary are engagement photos??  Do people really need to turn to the classified section of the New Glasgow News and see a photo of SB and I embracing each other with my hand on his chest and head on his shoulder in order for us to declare our love? I’m not putting anyone down who has done this or makes a living offering this service. Most of my friends all have really nice engagement photos.  I just can’t see the two of us heading to the beach to take a series of photos in the following poses

Down on one knee with the ring in hand, me  looking shocked even though we’ve been engaged for sometime now.

Leaning against some dirty old post, only to have a photographer white wash our skin and give us piercing blue eyes ( my eyes are green by the way and we all who who I’m referring too)

Making googly eyes at each other while wearing matching cable knit turtlenecks and pea-coats.

We already have some really nice pictures of us doing normal things, is it OK if I just set a few of those out at the wedding? Or will I become some sort of  tacky bride and have people say things like Well I wouldn’t be surprised if she had Scottsburn creamer cups filled with scotch mints and wrapped in tulle as a wedding favor. She didn’t even bother to get an engagement photo.


I will consider engagement photos if we can recreate this scene!


Words I hate part two

What a treat for everyone…Two posts in one day!  Only because I forgot about two keywords/phrases

Player, Oh he’s a total player. Fuck that word grinds my gears!

Blowin’ up my phone. I over heard a woman in her forties say this once Oh last night he was just blowing up my phone . It seriously made me cringe.

old woman1

This is the kind of woman who would say she’s sick of dating players…Also check out that sweet camel toe!!!!

Words I hate

Chippies- This isn’t even a real word, but when I hear a grown woman refer to a bag of chips as Chippies I want to hit her in the face with a shovel. Oh chippies and dip!!!

Rock Star- Only because Ann MacGregor always uses it on CKEC and I just can’t stand any sort of sound that comes from her mouth.

Kinky- It just reminds me of some  disgusting old couple doing things I don’t want to think about. The type that would be featured on Showcases Friday Night Without Boarders…Yeah we’ve all Accidentally watched that!


Because it’s been a little while and this post makes me seem like a total cunt ( If I was a real lady, I’d hate that word.But I don’t.) Here’s a photo of the two guys who warm my heart!

Live-In Skin

In an act of sheer desperation at the airport, I broke down and purchased a Cosmo Magazine. For those of you who haven’t invested in this months issue, let me save you the $7.00 and give you a rundown…

How to spice up your dates. The obvious suggestion would be to put out, but Cosmo urges their readers to try making spaghetti! What I am fucking Mormon ???

As always Cosmo has come up with new ways to wow your man in bed. I didn’t even bother reading this article. I already know all the moves because I’m dynamite in the sack. But it might help some of you.

An article that suggest you wear a ratty pair of old spanx on a date to keep yourself from getting too frisky…Not even joking

More stuff you didn’t know about guys… I think they should spend more time on these articles but give the reader some useful information. Like instead of telling you that not every guy knows how to fix a car, they should recant some of the suggestions they have made in the past on things to try while blowing him.


I wish this magazine would publish a useful article like  how to tell if you have food on your face when someone barges into your office on your lunch hour.

Back from vacation!

Remember when I said I wish rich people would hold some sort of protest?

Well I take it back now, I returned from vacation  to discover the union talks have broken down at work. This isn’t go to be one of those fun kind of protest demonstrations either like the time all the farm hands in got together in Parade Square with a petting zoo to fight for more government funding. Or the time all the teamsters were outside having a BBQ and playing music for everyone. I don’t even know what they were striking over, but if you give me a hotdog and blast some Led Zep I will be out there protesting the shit out of that motherfucker alongside you! I don’t think this strike will include delicious treats or domestic petting zoos. Its more than likely just going to give me stress that will cause jawline acne.


There’s a slight chance I might make a sign that reads ” Bring back the McDonald’s Pizza”

It’s almost time for a week of getting ripped and not wearing a bra!

It’s my last day of work before my vacation starts. I can hardly contain myself right now. For my coworkers who have recently started reading this blog, if you have anything you need from me, I suggest you ask me to do it before Tom Cochran’s Life is a Highway starts playing. Cause once that song hits my ears, I go into instant not giving a shit mode! And I’ve been humming it all morning!

honey boo

In other news, I threw up in my office garbage can yesterday after watching a clip of Honey Boo Boo eat a giant bowl of Mayo…And I even dry heaved a little while typing that last sentence out.

Best Worst Hair of the WWE

Shawn Michales has the most famous grade eight in the history of the WWE!

Shawn_display_imageEarly 90’s Undertaker…And pretty much ever other Undertaker era.

wwe-debut_crop_exactTrippe H’s new haircut makes him look like a cross between Kenny Rogers and a Broom

Triple-H-New-Hair-Featured-ImageIt was hard to choose between Sean Waltman and Sid Vicious for greasiest hair…

tumblr_ma2tqmkEGv1ree9s5o1_500Davey Boy Smith and his ultimate white mom back from vacation hair.