Two more days!!!

I’m exhausted today, I had to work all weekend at the school . We invited a group of potential students down from the Ottawa area. Everyone was great, they were a really smart group of teenagers. Which is awesome because if you know anything about me, it’s how little tolerance I have for todays teens. I was worried that I would be pulling them off each other all weekend, but I didn’t catch anyone necking so I’m going to consider this a successful weekend.

I was responsible for the entertainment aspect. I’m not sure why everyone in my office got together and decided that the most antisocial person who works here should be in charge of fun, but I was. When I was in high school my idea of the perfect Friday night was mixing every type of hard liquor my friends and I could get our hands on and then proceeding to walk around town getting sick everywhere. I guess times have changed.

Do I like to party? The answer is yes.


And now, the worst idea ever!

I love Pizza, when I’m eating one I get an instant throwback to my single days. Sitting around dateless on a Friday Night in my Police Academy inspired sweat suit, eating an entire thin crust pepperoni and mushroom ZA while chugging Diet Pepsi. But what the hell is Pizza Hut  doing putting Hotdogs in the crust? Way to make your food even shittier!

Are hotdogs amazing? Yes. Do they belong anywhere near a pizza? No.

Some say thats where life began, on this wasted peice of land

You know what I love? When I complain about having to do something and then someone says to me ” Oh wait until you have kids, what will you do then?” Like it never fucking occurred to me a person’s life changes drastically when they have a child. Thanks for the tip, I just thought I would continue to be a self-absorbed bitch who only thinks of herself once I had kids.

On a separate note, these tasted delicious but oh man…Serious consiquences!!!!

I like to consider any song by Toni Braxton to be my jam

To the Truck Driver that peed in  a Tim Horton’s Ice Cap cup , then got out of his truck to place it on the side of the road so it wouldn’t splatter every where…Would it not have been less work to just pee in the bushes on the side of the road then to drop a pissbomb like that?? Now I’m left wondering if he left the lid on or had to do it after he filled the cup up.

I really hope this was filled in one shot as opposed to just keeping an open container of urine in a cup holder all day.

I’m about to get on a bus with 30 High School Kids…

I normally like to criticize Tim Horton’s anytime they introduce a new product as I feel the company needs to shift the focus to ensuring their employees learn how to properly toast a bagel. But yesterday I had a Grilled Panini Sandwich and it was actually amazing! I can’t belive I’m about to say this but…Good Job Tim Horton’s!

If they could just bring back the following I would stop shooting off about their services…

Chicken Stew in a Bread Bowl, The old Vanilla Dip sprinkles, The old Cherry Cheese Danish as the new one sucks, Fountain Peach Juice…Just makesure you develop a system so the tank doesn’t fill up with fruit flies.

Blasting into outer space the planet of the apes

Ah yeah! It’s the middle of the week, we have cake in the office today, I’m having breakfast for supper tonight and I have a shower to attend this weekend where I know small sandwiches will be served. And best of all I don’t have to do sweet fuck all this weekend. Friday night is going to be dedicated to eating at the DQ and drinking red wine in my bathrobe just like old times! If I didn’t sell my Wii I would probably play some Deer Hunter , so instead I’m going to have to settle on watching the new CM Punk Biography.

I’m as content as Michael Jackson in this photo with ET.