Someone in this office is seriously listening to fiddle music…

You know what I love? Photos of stars “without makeup.” I’m sorry Sharon Osbourne, in what world is this photo of you makeup free??

Now look at his photo of Op, that’s makeup free. She looks horrid!


8 responses to “Someone in this office is seriously listening to fiddle music…

  1. Seriously, Niceshoesbitch, I gotta take a break from you. All you ever do is biitch, or make nasty cracks about people. It’s a downer. WAIT. Now I get it: Niceshoes”bitch.” Your name is the point, right?. Nevertherless, I’m outa here. There’s too much bitching in the world as it is. In fact, that’s all it ever is. Sorry, I don’t need it. Nothing’s ever going to get better around here (<–meaning Earth) when bloggers like you think you're entitled to "crap on and on and on." Seriously? What in the world makes you think you have to taint absolutely everything anyway? Quite frankly, you and your blogging kind make me tired. Please, shape up. Change your name and become the nice person I know you are underneath all this unnecessary bitching.

  2. Funny, last time I checked, following a blog is voluntary, n’est pas? Take it for what it is, have a little chuckle, and move on with your rainbows and butterflies kind-of-day! If you don’t like it, simply don’t read it.

  3. SparkleAsshole… Step into my office… why?? cuz your fucking fired.. THAT’S WHY. Just because someone shit in your flakes does not give YOU the right to tell her to “shape up”. Go read a religious blog if you want to feel Happy and Fuzzy.. We eat this shit for breakfast.

  4. I think that’s the point of the blog SparkleFarkle. Every blog has it’s “theme”…this one happens to be about bitching and delicious food.

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