Welcome to, Illyria.

Amanda Bynes, did you eat a bowl of bat shit recently?? Because it’s the only way to explain your actions. Smarten up. There was a time when your movies were on TV every Sunday afternoon. If you keep acting like the new Lindsay Lohan, I’m not going to have anything to watch when I’m hung over.

No one wants to see you turn into this…


I just accidently drank a mouthful of day old cold coffee in front of people…This day rules!

SB and I have two parties to attend this weekend. The first one is at our friends place and the second one is tomorrow night at our place. Sadly between the two events I think 12 guest in total will attend. Remember ten years ago when throwing a party meant you had to keep it on the down low because everyone in town would find out and show up at your house?  It was a struggle to find people who could attend.

Whatever happened to the good old days when people came to your house and crapped on the floor…We all know who I’m talking about!

Corn Chowder for Lunch…Score!

I’ve given up on watching Lost. I’ve spent countless hours getting into that cocksucker and then they have the nerve to introduce a time traveling story line.  In its replacement SB and I have started to watch American Horror Story. It’s pretty good, but I was scared at the Nicholas Cage blockbuster hit Season of the Witch so I don’t know how well I’m going to do with this show. I’m going to have nightmares.

It doesn’t help matters that we have slept in the living room every night for the past month due to the weather and I can hear everything that goes on outside.  Being woken up by the sound of neighbourhood cats doing it on my  front lawn every single night is only going to add to my night terror. I can picture it now, I’ll be having dreams about Ruth from Six Feet dressed like a sexy dead maid scaring the shit out of me. And then wake up to the sound of frisky cats and The Redheaded Bastard freaking out over it.

I got a glimpse of this thing last night and now I have to sit there and wait for him to appear in the next episode. It’s like telling someone to sit still so you can punch them in the face.


Pie, Seaweed Pie…

I’m really tired this morning because I stayed up late watching Summer Slam, as a result I’m really crotchety . The girl serving me at Tim Horton’s must have stayed up late watching it too because she was surely as fuck this morning when I told her I didn’t need a tray for my drinks.

I haven’t shot my mouth off about Tim’s for a while because for the majority of the time the Tim’s near my house is amazing. Debbie is there every morning making sure no one fucks my order up.  But she’s off on vacation this week. They’re already off to a bad start with me, they gave me the wrong drink and had a bad attitude.  Making the morning even more awesome my umbrella randomly sprung itself open in my car this morning scaring the living shit out of me.

I still miss the old Vanilla Dips.

It’s almost time for Corn Salsa and getting BOD!

Ah Casual Friday, Time to throw on your Danzig T-shirt and head into the office. The best part about my new job is that I never have to worry about running into homeless people who ask me for money and then fear their hurtful comments when I tell them I don’t have any change on me .

The second best thing, is the absence of Hipsters so far! I’m not sure what the hipster population will be like once class starts, but if college kids are anything like they were in my day, they’ll blow their student loans on fancy luxurious brand names that their parents would never buy for them when they lived at home.