Oh I’m going to be so skinny by the end of this…

First day on the new job went well, it went a million times better than the first day on my old job. One I was permitted to have  a lunch break and two I didn’t throw up all over myself on the way to work like I did on the last job! My new office however has a glass door and I’m going to have to reconsider some of my lunch options. Now that people can see what I’m eating as they walk past the following foods will no longer be consumed at work…

Peaches, I move my mouth all around the peach to avoid making a mess and I make a really ugly face while biting into one.
Nachos. Before I could make them in the microwave when no one was around and rush back to my office without having someone see me and then having to offer half of them away.
Any sort of stringy pasta. Yes I’m a grown woman who can’t properly eat spaghetti in public.
Chicken Toast. I don’t even need to go into explanation over this one…I work in an environment with learned Doctors.

One response to “Oh I’m going to be so skinny by the end of this…

  1. Eating salad in public is a nightmare, too. Perhaps sucking on hard candy during the workday might hold you off till supper. We’ll worry about all the cavities later, because does your new job offer you dental insurance, too? GREAT! Problem two-birds-one-stoney solved!

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