Anyone who finds me attractive won’t after reading this…

My new position starts in one week and to prepare for it I’ve been asked to come to work for training once a week. Yesterday I had my first Larry David Moment in my new office. On my way out yesterday I stopped in the washroom to wash my hands. That’s when I realized the last person to use the bathroom must have went to Arby’s for lunch. As I was coming out, another coworker was waiting to go in.

What do you say in a situation like that? If I flat-out say that it wasn’t me who caused that smell , they’re going to assume it was. And if I don’t say anything they will also just assume it’s me. Now I’m going to be known as the girl who takes bear shits at work. Don’t get me wrong everyone poops  in public at some point in their life. But I’m also the same person who goes to parties with a book of matches incase I have to!

What the hell ever happened to Gaby Hoffman?


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