Being Attractive 101

You know what’s really unsexy and beyond dangerous? Me eating a little bag of peanuts while driving down the highway. Seriously peanut snack manufactures need to make a more convienient bag for people who drink their peanuts while driving.


One response to “Being Attractive 101

  1. Drink your peanuts? Shells and all?! Um, I guess that’s okay. George Washington Carver did it. I mean, who doesn’t want to emulate that brilliant-botanisty, inventor-of-peanut-fast-foody guy? Um…do you smoke cigarettes? Because if you do, and in the event that you plan on lighting up after peanutting, drinking the shells actually does help eliminate flamable waste while driving. So, thank-you! Thank-you for being a contientous driver! I feel safer already, just knowing you\’re on the road!

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