Two More Weeks!!!

Now that I’ve given my notice with work I can finally talk a bit about what I do.  I’m a recruiter, companies pay me to find the right person for them. I’ve met a lot of interesting people along the way. The majority of people that I’ve placed with companies have been very successful. Knowing that you played a part in helping someone achieve their career goals can be a very rewarding experience. But what I love even more than meeting successful awesome people, is all the duds I get to meet on a daily basis! Basically for every awesome person who applies for a position, 17 duds apply as well. It’s why employers pay me to wade through everyone for them.

Here are some examples of what I get to deal with…

22-year-old girls telling me they would like 40k a year to answer the phone because they have a degree. My favorite is when they say ” Well I did go to DAL” I should be offering you less money based on the fact you were stupid enough to go there and take history.

Keeping a straight face when people tell me they’re a DJ. And then not bursting into laughter when they tell me they mostly DJ in their bedroom for friends.

Having to sit a grown man with an engineering degree down and talk to him about why it’s not OK to show up at work wearing a shirt that reads ” You’re all fucked up like a soup sandwich”. Although I should have seen that coming as during our first interview he bowed to me while introducing himself.

And my personal favorite…I actually have this CV in a binder, a guy once sent me a résumé with a background watermark of him leaning on a 1998 Cavalier and it wasn’t a joke.

If you show up to an interview dressed like Judy Garland in Meet me in St.Louis…I’m not going to take you seriously.







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