I have amazing hair today…

If there’s a show about hillbillies getting into trouble, I guarantee you my boyfriend will watch it.  For a while SB had two favorite shows. World’s Worst Tenants and Cajun Justice. But recently a new one has come into his Thursday night fold. DUI. DUI is a reality show about people who get DUI’s…For real.  This is probably my favorite of the redneck crime shows to watch with him based on his excitement alone. I get to hear a lot of ” Oh you know this guy has a DUI!”

His comments and the fact that he can’t take a show that’s meant to scare people straight serious are what I love. He can’t contain his laughter over what goes on in the booking station.

Last night episode featured this guy who decided after his DUI it was best to ride around the neighbourhood on a bike while drinking instead of a car.


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