Until the New Year Old Friend…

This weekend marks my last weekend of red wine binge drinking for the next six months. SB and I have made our July 1st bets, some of you may recall that I gave up Diet Pepsi for six months last year and complained about it every single day until January 1st. This year I have agreed to give up Red Wine. I’m doing this for two reasons…

1. To lose weight, I’ve packed on the pounds over the past year. Sharing a bottle of wine and a plate of cheese every night might have something to do with it.

2. To prove to myself once and for all I’m not really an alcoholic.

I’m honestly scared that I might take some sort red wine withdrawal seizure or that I might just turn into a giant cunt whom no one will associate with at a party. Luckily I’m still allowed to have whiskey and spiced rum or else I would make it my personal priority to ruin Christmas for everyone this year.

Not even a photo of the Westville Liquor School can cheer me up today.


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