It’s never too early for Saucy Fingers

The worst part about driving to the City everyday for work isn’t the time that it takes, the drive actually flys by because my driving partner rules. It’s the amount of dead animals we have to look at on the side of the road. The other day we passed eight deer that had been hit by a vehicle between Truro and Halifax. For the love of god, why can’t someone pick that up??

Seriously, I propose people on social assistance be placed on a highway crew work term. I know this is going to bring forth a lot of how dare you say that…But if you’re able to work and won’t, you should be in charge of cleaning this up.  I’m more than willing to have my tax dollars go towards paying someone $17.00 an hour to remove dead animals from the highway.

Just think about all the Mountain Dew a person could buy if they were making $17.00 per hour!


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