Germaphobe 101

You know what pisses me off? Candy Machine Manufactures. Everytime I’m sitting at the Ferry Terminal I look at the peanut machine and think about how good a handful of bbq peanuts or M&M’s would be. Then I sit there and think about all the disgusting hands that have touched the inside of that machine. My ferry goes to Dartmouth so I know filthy people have been in contact with that machine.

Why cant the manufactures make a machine that doesn’t require someones fingers to go inside that little hatch to clear the peanuts out?? People are touching money and with the same hand sticking it inside a machine that has come in contact with thousands of other germ infested fingers.



One response to “Germaphobe 101

  1. In a world where everyone has a cross to bear, why, oh, why did this one have to be yours? Truly, my friend, when the times comes you will enter the Gates of Heaven.

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