Our house, in the middle of the street.

I am personally going to track down all the previous homeowners to have  lived in my home and have hung wallpaper. And then when I find them, I will strangle each one of them with their layer of paper. Four. Four fucking layers of wallpaper were removed from our hallway last night. One of which was painted over!!!

It took me five hours and I’m still not finished. When we started renovating this home I loved it. After the first day I honestly thought I could give up my day job and just flip homes for a living. I had such a sense of accomplishment when I looked around. Now I hate it. It’s not empowering at all,  it blows.  It’s a constant reminder of my week of misery. I’m sure once it’s completely finished I’ll feel better about it. But for now I feel terrible for SB as he has to put up with my crankiness.

 Why can’t anyone ever come across really nice wallpaper hidden under ugly paper??


4 responses to “Our house, in the middle of the street.

  1. Wow! I almost hear your pain, or at least I’d like to. The truth is, I actually love removing wallpaper! My uncle (exterior/interior housepainter) had a happy gold mine in me, when I worked for him years and years ago. Um–when do I start?!

  2. Heyyyy there. Don’t give up, Slugger! You’re doing a bang-up job, Champ! Do you think DGC Records was just pissed and gave up when Kurt Cobain died? Well i’m sure they did do both of those things. But then they pulled up their boot-straps and started putting out all these little “never before heard” turds of CD’s with contents that “just happened to be laying around for a decade.” That’s what you gotta do there, Chief. Be pissed now, but then really have at that wall! Really open a can all over it! In a decade…

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