One Royal Crown Cola Please!

I’m either about to start my period or I just have no patience for 90% of the New Glasgow Dollarama customers. I was tempted to take a photo of a family out on  a shopping trip yesterday but I’m pretty sure the mom would have killed me. Given that she flug her daughter off the shopping cart I figured she wouldn’t hesitate to punch me in the face if caught.

Trashy families here are some tips….

Stop yelling at your kids in public. There is a difference between keeping your kids in line and screaming at them because they’re walking too slow down an isle.

For that matter, don’t take your kid out in public if you’re just going to scream at them.

Cut back on the smokes. If I can smell your cigarette ridden Old Navy picked fleece hoodie two isles over, its time to give it a rest.

Maybe before you give birth to a child you should go to the Dollar Store and practice yelling their name really loud. If you’re embarrassed to stand in an isle and yell the name Skyla Dawn…You shouldn’t name your child that. ( Not even joking, one of the kids had that name!)

On a side note, I love The Dollarama. I bought  1L of Fleecy for $2.00 yesterday!!






2 responses to “One Royal Crown Cola Please!

  1. I once saw a drunk couple screaming at each other in there just before Xmas. Apparently the woman looked in the man’s cart and he was pissed because she saw her Xmas gifts. I love the holidays.

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