I can think of a few people who are going to love this!

For years I have been in love with a photo called Mosh Girl, then yesterday I found out that the Mosh Girl photo has its own Meme following!!! Enjoy the photo’s, they have made my day!

Kicking a van overloaded with Filipinos over…Hilarious.

Showing up in a classic Johnny Cash photo

These just keep getting better!!!

Save your comments, I already know I’m an ass hole.


Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich Taste Test!

The Bacon McGriddle might just be the best breakfast sandwich ever. And to prove it my carpooling partner and I are going to sample every possible fast food breakfast sandwich in Pictou County over the next few weeks while driving to work. We will be hitting up the following locations for our report…

McDonald’s, Burger King, Robin’s, Subway and Tim Horton’s. Various sandwiches will be purchased from each location and graded on taste, presentation, quality of meat products involved as well as service. I’m not looking forward to the BK breakfast sandwich as I had one awhile back when I was hung over and threw it up in my office bathroom.

Best Sign Ever!

Super Trashy Post Alert!

Solid weekend. It featured two meals that weren’t breakfast where bacon was involved, gouda cheese a box of red wine and I think I found a way to hold my Saucy Finger cravings over until I make it back to Duff’s.

The Captian’s Helm is a pub in New Glasgow that offers a chicken finger platter. Normally I would be embarrassed to order a chicken finger platter when dinning out with other adults who aren’t in my family. But one half of the other couple dinning with us was also on board with the idea. The Helm makes a decent platter, you just have to ask if you can substitute the sweet and sour sauce with hot sauce and a side of blue cheese dressing.

I can see The Helm becoming a new spot for me, it’s going to come down to visiting another local pub The Frog and Toad this Friday. IF they can present me with a Saucy Platter option they might win given that when you order a glass of wine from there you actually end up with a glass and a half because they give you a little bottle of wine.

Either way, it’s no Duff’s.

Not everything Lindsay Lohan worked on was horrendous.

Yesterday was heart breaking, I Googled Rachel Cory and I had to actually scroll down the page before I was presented with a still from Another World . What the hell? I don’t know if I want to live in a world where Googling Soap Stars from a cancelled series leads you to Linkedin profile photos instead of images of Another World sweatshirts and fan apparel.  I realize this soap went off the air almost 15 years ago but kids today need to know about these things!!

Hello new Halloween Costume Idea!


I just can’t understand why I’m a little fat??

Ah work from home Wednesday! Also know as the day I sit around eating cured meats and cheese on the deck while checking my email and waiting for my fancy dinner to cook! Tonight’s dinner is pulled pork, I haven’t decided how to serve it yet, I’m leaning towards pulled pork tacos with grilled pineapple and corn salsa. Other amazing pulled pork items include,Nachos,Pontine, Pizza, Sandwiches and Burritos.

Featured above is the giant plate of Pulled Pork Nachos from Carboncitos in Playa Del Carmen which I had to opportunity to devour twice  this past Winter.



Aimed at you we’re the cowboys from hell

If there’s one sandwich I’m on the fence over, its egg salad. On one hand I love egg salad but it goes into a grey area for me. I’m delighted to go to a party and discover someone has brought a tray of egg salad sandwiches pending that I’ve been to their home and they keep the kitchen clean. But biting into this sandwich to discover someone has buttered the bread is the biggest let down in the world and I have to hold off from throwing up in my mouth in front of people. I think it’s time people everywhere agree to just stop putting butter on sandwiches.

For the longest time I was ashamed to admit to liking cucumber sandwiches. Mainly because they’re associated with people who refuse to own televisions. But I can’t hide it anymore. I love these tasty little fuckers

Finally some pics of the new place.

Sorry for taking forever to get these up! Our next big project will be gutting our bathroom out. As someone who has peed in a shower on more than one occasion I get a little weirded out when bathing in a tub that has been used by someone other than me.

First caesar of the season on the deck!

Red enjoying the sunshine.

The hallway, after removing four layers of paper only to put up more paper.

Kitchen/Dinning Area.

Our Bedroom