Big Day, Big Day!

It’s Friday , I’m slightly hung over and after work I’m going out for a pint or two of Rolling Rock with Cousin Red and Company. I have to tame myself tonight because tomorrow SB and I are going to pick up OUR NEW CAR ( Said in a Price is Right voice)

But even more exciting than all of this is I have a flakes of ham sandwich for lunch made with too much mustard and a diced up pickle. This has to be hands down my favorite of the sandwiches. It goes so well with other popular lunch items such as KD and Lipton Alligator Soup. But if you want to see me puke up a sandwich in front of people, put butter on the bread. I swear to god I will throw a fit.

My second favorite sandwich is a pickle sandwich from Subway. Just pickles, cheese and a little mayo on a round. I have to eat this one alone because it grosses everyone out when I order it.


2 responses to “Big Day, Big Day!

  1. I am big on recyling, which can get boring so being creative never hurts. If some one were to slip you a butter-mickey, so to speak, the results ot that could easily be perceived as sandwich spread. Get out the bread again, because YUM! We’re recyling!

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