Facebook 101

If there’s one thing I hate more than picnic couples photos on Facebook, its questions on Facebook. I hate questions for two reasons…

1. The questions alone are stupid. For example ” Does anyone know what time the mall opens today?” Well did you look on the malls website or call their customer service line? Or are you just being fucking lazy and waiting for someone else to tell you the answer.

2. The answers to the questions. One person answering 9am would be sufficient. But you have idiots who need to chime and make everyone else aware that they too know the answer about what time the mall opens. Only they can’t answer with just giving the fucking time. You then have a news feed filled with the following

I think it’s 9am , but I’m not sure. Maybe you could call the customer service line or maybe they have a website.  Why do people even answer a question with this kind of response? It reminds me of a girl from my old High School who would say anything to the popular kids in attempt to socialize with them.

Even better is the Facebook know it all who can’t stand that someone else answered this question first. Yup, it’s 9am I checked the website.

Or my personal favorite, That one person who feels the need to chime in five posts later just for the sake of commenting on someones status…She’s right, it is nine, I checked the site too.


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