This post gets a little pretentious…

Only a few more hours until my vacation starts and I’m officially a resident of Pictou County again! I’ve had my ups and downs in this city but the last three years spent here were my most life changing and best years!

If I didn’t start this blog over two years ago I honestly don’t think I would be moving this weekend. SB and I have known each other almost our entire lives. Our parents have been friends for over 30 years. Our Brothers played hockey together , we went to the same High School and as adults had a very similar group of friends. But we didn’t start talking to each other until I created this blog. 

 Every morning I would post on here and arrive to work to discover that he liked my link of Facebook or made a little comment underneath it. I looked forward to this everyday.  And then that faithful day came, my Facebook News Feed informed me SB was officially single. I gave it a day or two to make sure he wasn’t actually just changing his status from Single to Engaged and with a little help from Hazel things started to move forward with a series of events that I liked to refer to as non-dates where we made dinner together and did other grownup things ( very well I might add!)

I don’t want to sound pretentious about writing, but it really did change my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without this blog. It has given me the ability to do things for myself that I never though I could do before. It gave me the sense of self-confidence to realize that I can leave a horrible situation and rebuild my life. For the next week you will have to get your fix of spelling errors some place else. I’ll be back in a week with photo’s of the new digs!

Romantic little bike ride through the Mexican Jungle , the guy behind was breathing really heavily.


Thank God for Tide Pens.

I’m on a roll when it comes to looking like an ass in the eyes of the general public this week. It started with my ripped dress and just went down hill from there. Today on my walk to work I tripped on the sidewalk and threw my Skinny Vanilla Latte all over my face and new white shirt. I’m pretty sure Steve Murphy from the six o’clock news witnessed it as he was driving past me having a good laugh just after it happened.

This is what my face looked like mid stumble.

Who wants a job??

Today’s post is late because I didn’t know what to write about, then after my last interview I looked in the mirror and discovered my dress has a giant rip just under the middle of my boobs.

I was interviewing a guy who I could tell just wanted out of my office and wouldn’t look at me and now I know why…

Because I look like some sort of hillbilly who comes to work in tattered rags. The only thing more embarrassing than this incident was the time Olive Oil walked a candidate into my office without giving me any sort of notice and the two of them instantly discovered that I had sat in there farting my brains out all morning.


If I don’t punch someone in the back of the head this week, it will be a miracle.

It’s Monday, my apartment is currently in shambles and I’m beyond frustrated with my work/life balance at the moment. And I’m just stressed out and cranky in general. Trying to pack an apartment while you’re still living in it fulltime is awful. I’m leaving the packing of my hair and cosmetic products until the very last-minute on Saturday.

 I’m not one of those girls who can’t step outside the house without makeup on. But the reason behind that is my skin care regime. In my bathroom cabinet there is close to a good $800.00 worth of skin care products from toner, rice scrub, night and day cream, under eye cream and mineral serums. Without these products I would seriously look like the witch from Snow White. Small children would be scared to take apples from me.

Big Day, Big Day!

It’s Friday , I’m slightly hung over and after work I’m going out for a pint or two of Rolling Rock with Cousin Red and Company. I have to tame myself tonight because tomorrow SB and I are going to pick up OUR NEW CAR ( Said in a Price is Right voice)

But even more exciting than all of this is I have a flakes of ham sandwich for lunch made with too much mustard and a diced up pickle. This has to be hands down my favorite of the sandwiches. It goes so well with other popular lunch items such as KD and Lipton Alligator Soup. But if you want to see me puke up a sandwich in front of people, put butter on the bread. I swear to god I will throw a fit.

My second favorite sandwich is a pickle sandwich from Subway. Just pickles, cheese and a little mayo on a round. I have to eat this one alone because it grosses everyone out when I order it.

I’ve got nostalgic pavements

Yesterday while driving around in Sliverbells I took a spin through my old my old neighbourhood. I never thought I would say this but with a little more than a week left of city life, I’m going to miss the smell of the Oland’s Brewery.

That place is just so nostalgic for me. It takes me back to my single days where on a hot summers night Red and I would go stand under the vents to cool off because we couldn’t afford and air conditioning unit in our apartment. Everytime I’m throwing back an 8pack of Schooners I will always think back fondly on the time I lived in the North End.