Post 500!!!

I hate the following pieces of jewelry in this order…Promise Rings, the Charm Diamond Center $99.99 heart shaped diamond pendant and Courtney Stodden’s gold arm bracelet.  I don’t care if it is expensive, it’s the trashiest thing ever and she wears it all the time…

She wears it while staging her own Mermaid photo shoot. Even though no requested that she takes photo’s like this.

 While taking skanky Christmas Card photos that feature her wearing a pair of french cut undies from 1994. The same year she was born.That dress and her age inappropriate husband almost take away from her hideous bracelet.


One response to “Post 500!!!

  1. I share in your distain over Courtney Stodden’s gold arm bracelet. Wayback, a “type” such as herself only in brunette, but, yeah, wearing that same upper arm thing always, only in silver, destroyed the happiliy ever after my boyfriend and I had in the works. Unfortunately, stuff like that can stick with you, or at least leaves a crummy mark. I hate those bracelets. And look at Santa, featured in pic #2. He seems repulsed, too. I can’t blame him. Stupid bracelet…

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