Hello Staff Discounts!

Things are starting to come together for my move home, I’ve had a few interviews around NG and then yesterday I discovered the perfect job! The Pictou County Co-op is currently hiring a Store Manager, this would be a great job for me for so many reasons and here they all are…

1. I’ve been in numerous parades on top of the Co-op float.  Big Marg worked there for years and always brought Cousin Red and I along. One year instead of tossing out candy, we gave away boxes of Orange Pekoe Tea.

2. I can stomach the store brand food items. As a child I was forced to eat every generic product that Harmony produced except for Ketchup and Kraft Dinner.

3. I’m pretty sure they only continue to sell Co-op brand bbq chips because I buy them in bulk.

4.  I would love to work in an environment that has a hot dog stand

5.  No one ever shops there so it would be a pretty easy job. I would increase sales by ending the Sunday flea market and opening the store for business on Sundays like every other grocery franchise.

6. Not only does the store have an indoor hotdog stand and a  rotisserie chicken display they are always putting on charity bbq’s. No one can judge you for eating three hotdogs when it’s for a good cause!


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