Ben Mulroney is not a celebrity, he’s annoying.

Sorry for missing yesterday’s post. For once my life has been overwhelmingly busy! I spent yesterday working until 8pm asking fifteen Accountants the same twelve behavioral interview questions, every last one of them gave the exact same answer to ever single question. I was able to break my day up by working out with my trainer who doesn’t count the exercises I do improperly as a means of getting through my set faster; and sitting in a meeting getting shit on for an hour. It made for a great day.

I’ve got some big stuff going on in my personal life that I’ll get into next week. I’m pretty excited to tell everyone about it too!  Don’t worry I’m not knocked up. Although every time I hold a baby or hear that someone is pregnant I instantly want one. Instead I treat myself to numerous glasses of whiskey and water and I quickly change my mind on wanting children when I wake up after nine hours of uninterrupted sleep and proceed to lay around my apartment in my undies all day. None the less I still have big news coming early next week!

Did you know that Paul Bear was actually Funeral Director? Wouldn’t it be a real treat to walk into a funeral home all sad and then have him tell you about the lovely casket collection his Undertaker has to bury someone in!


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