I wonder if our new home will be haunted???

I do some weird things in my sleep and as a result SB hasn’t really had a solid nights sleep in over a year because he needs to constantly be on alert for when I try to move a dresser in my sleep or just wake him up and start screaming about birds.  But now I’m getting  a taste of my own crazy medicine.

The Red Headed Bastard has been having night terrors, not just a little dream where he kicks and barks in his sleep. I mean full on 4th dimension of hell night terrors.  Twice this week we’ve woken up to find him sitting up in his bed howling and the only way to calm him down was to let him sleep in between us. The poor little fucker even shakes until you can make him fall back to sleep.

Maybe he’s upset because The Chive won’t feature him in their Animals that don’t Suck section



Where Eagles Dare

It’s Thursday which basically means it’s Friday to me because tomorrow I’m just going to fill a seat here. Tonight I’m going to T-Swans to make rack of lamb and meet her son! I’m also excited because I’m down to thirty days left of life in Halifax! My plans for the weekend include inhaling as much Sushi Nami as possible. The only thing that I’m really going to miss about the City of  Halifax is the food selection. I am able to get the following all within a ten minute walk from my apratment…Italian, Southern BBQ, Korean and Thai. But most of all I’m going to miss the Darrell Burger!

For those of you who have never tried the Darrell Burger you are missing out. Never in my life would I have though to put peanut butter on a burger but it turns out that it’s the most amazing thing ever. My only suggestion is to hold the tomato on mine.

Sorry Red Fox Chicken Sandwich, you just don’t compare to this burger!

Post 500!!!

I hate the following pieces of jewelry in this order…Promise Rings, the Charm Diamond Center $99.99 heart shaped diamond pendant and Courtney Stodden’s gold arm bracelet.  I don’t care if it is expensive, it’s the trashiest thing ever and she wears it all the time…

She wears it while staging her own Mermaid photo shoot. Even though no requested that she takes photo’s like this.

 While taking skanky Christmas Card photos that feature her wearing a pair of french cut undies from 1994. The same year she was born.That dress and her age inappropriate husband almost take away from her hideous bracelet.

Popular Leather Jackets of Pictou County

Believe it or not, these fashions are still alive and well in the Town of New Glasgow…

This little number can be seen throughout various Tim Horton’s locations.

I don’t even know how it’s legal to still produce this image.

I like the elastic waste band on this one.

The eagle was a nice touch.

Everytime I see someone wearing a jacket like this I assume they won a bunch of money on a scratch ticket and treated themselves to an $800.00 leather jacket.

Hello Staff Discounts!

Things are starting to come together for my move home, I’ve had a few interviews around NG and then yesterday I discovered the perfect job! The Pictou County Co-op is currently hiring a Store Manager, this would be a great job for me for so many reasons and here they all are…

1. I’ve been in numerous parades on top of the Co-op float.  Big Marg worked there for years and always brought Cousin Red and I along. One year instead of tossing out candy, we gave away boxes of Orange Pekoe Tea.

2. I can stomach the store brand food items. As a child I was forced to eat every generic product that Harmony produced except for Ketchup and Kraft Dinner.

3. I’m pretty sure they only continue to sell Co-op brand bbq chips because I buy them in bulk.

4.  I would love to work in an environment that has a hot dog stand

5.  No one ever shops there so it would be a pretty easy job. I would increase sales by ending the Sunday flea market and opening the store for business on Sundays like every other grocery franchise.

6. Not only does the store have an indoor hotdog stand and a  rotisserie chicken display they are always putting on charity bbq’s. No one can judge you for eating three hotdogs when it’s for a good cause!

I’m going to be Paula Dean Fat some day…

As excited as I am to move, there is one thing I will miss more than anything else in this city. My gourmet kitchen. Complete with a dishwasher, self cleaning oven, more than enough working space,  granite counter tops, dark wood cupboards and enough space to store my zesters, grinders, mixer and my knife collection that is worth more than Silverbells, my two door Hyundia Accent.

To celebrate my last month in my dream kitchen I’m going to make SB and anyone else who wants to come over to our apartment before we move anything they want.  This weeks menu includes. Chicken and Broccoli Crepes, Pinot Noir Prime Rib and Three Meat Chili.  I might even finally give baking a try!

So long fancy little kitchen. I’m hoping to rebuild you now that I’m paying 1/3 of my renting cost on a mortgage.