I spent my life savings turning my van into a dog

This week rules so far…

It’s Count Jackula’s 58th Birthday today.

My best friend Patti-Stiltskin is going to go into labour any day now.

Slutbanger’s brother came over for lasagna and hilarious stories last night, there for we have lasagna left overs for dinner tonight.

I came home from vacation to find out T-Swan had a baby boy who is adorable.

My hair looks amazing today. After five long months of full head foils I’m back to being blonde

 Yesterday I found out that a lovely couple who shall remain nameless are having a boy and a girl. I plan on spoiling these little christers  rotten  by buying them whatever they ask me for.

Silver Bells passed her inspection with flying colours and is now permitted on the road for another two years! For those of you who have never seen this sweet ride, you should know this is an amazement.



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