I think I’m onto a new White Girl Back from Vacation Trend.

I’m pretty sure all the white women of the world got together and voted to stop getting braids while on vacation because I haven’t noticed a single person sporting this look once this year. But the new trend worries me…

Today a woman got on the elevator the same time as I did. She was really tanned and wearing a pair of black dressy pants. The pants featured a big yellow snake and a bunch of roses going up the left leg. On the other side was the name of her resort.

I don’t even know what category I would place these pants under. They went beyond the typical white trash  Hit the Ground Partying’ terri cloth sweat suit.  I can only assume she bought these pants at the resort gift shop  and her Husband told her she looked like a young hottie and then she deemed them appropriate for work wear.

I’m pretty sure Mariah Carey invented tacky vacation outfits.


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