Golden Globes 2012 Worst Dressed

I’m more so taken back by the fact that this woman is still relevant than anything else. Non the less, still a horrible dress.

Hideous. It’s like a giant Spank that isn’t doing its job.

I can only assume this dress was paired with bridesmaid shoes.

This would be a fantastic dress if you were competing in the formal wear portion of a Midwestern beauty pageant.


5 responses to “Golden Globes 2012 Worst Dressed

  1. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dress was indeed quite painful to look at –in fact, my upper lip has yet to come down. As for Meryl Streep: Meryl. Meryl, Meryl, Meryl. What in the heck is it with this woman?! Her “fashion” selections are always too “straight out of an urbanny dude ranch cowboy’s closet, and with pockets–don’t forget the pockets” for me. I read somewhere that it’s possible Miss Streep doesn’t know any fabulous gay stylists. God, how I wish she did.

    Let it be said that I did, however, simply love Zooey Deschanel’s elegant green Prada sparkly!

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