Oh Print Media…I’m going to miss you.

Today will be the last time I talk about pervious jobs for days on end. Before settling down in the Recruitment Industry,  I was working in the Accounting Department for the Halifax Daily News. Here are some of my my final thoughts on the papers closure…

Just because a papers staffed with amazing writers and cool people doesn’t mean you have a better chance at survival.

If you’re a company losing millions of dollars each year. Don’t hire six managers to over see one employee who makes $25,000 a year. One manager would have been enough.

One of my six managers was a total cunt…I’m sure those of you who worked there can guess which one!

Severance pay is amazing.

If  you’re a Publisher don’t agree to run a two-part story and feature part one of the same day you close down the fucking paper. I really wanted to read the second half of that story on ship building!

I no longer feel bad about finding Marc Ouellett’s singing lobster in a storage closet one afternoon and breaking it for fun.

Now this is a reporter!


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