Yet another reason I’m not a parent…

You know what really grinds my gears?? Paper Towel commercials. Aside from the fact that I hate purchasing Paper Towel because I think it’s wasteful and unnecessary , if my family ever carried on like the kids in those commercials they would be on a one way trip to The Department of Child Services.

The kids in these commercials don’t even look before the throw their fucking school bag onto the counter knocking over the giant glass of juice they just poured. But don’t worry, because here comes their mom with a big smile on her face and a sheet of Bounty to clean up the huge fucking mess you just made.

I also love how they portray men in these commercials. Oh no…Irresponsible Dad is making a huge mess in the kitchen again throwing food around with his kids. But don’t worry about getting chocolate sauce all over the counter Fun Dad. One sheet of paper towel is all your wife needs to clean that up. If that was my Husband he would be living in Lower Sackville with all the other Divorced Dads who only see their kids every third weekend of the month.

On the topic of Irresponsible  Fun Dads…


4 responses to “Yet another reason I’m not a parent…

  1. Oh, you incorrigible you, YOU! LOL! Right when I think your insights can’t slay me even more, YOUR INSIGHTS SLAY ME EVEN MORE! LOLouder!

    And YIKES! Is that shot of Kate Gosselin’s eldest son telling, or what?!

    Thanks for making my morning-coffee read riotous! LOLoudest!

  2. Jon Gosslin Fun Facts: Jon, who is only 3 years older than Katie Perry (your previous blog topic), so now I’m wondering hard about the two of them, was born on April 1st. That pretty much explains everything.

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