Here I come Extream Tanning!!!

I’m getting pretty excited over a lot of things these days! Christmas Eve is 5 days away. My Birthday is in two weeks and best of all in 54 days I will be back in Mexico all thanks to my fantastic Boyfriend!

I’m hoping the time passes by quickly.I can’t wait to fill my lungs with the smoke from American Cigarettes while sitting on a beach drinking Miami Vices all day! The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the ten pounds I need to lose before the trip. I’ve decided that I’m going to swear off after work drinks and two glasses of wine every night after January 1st . It might also help if I start exercising, so I’m gonna force myself to do that too.

I’m also giving anyone who sees me eating fast food permission to punch it out of my hands when you see me eating it, with the exception of my New Year’s Day hangover meal at KFC. Luckily Diet Pepsi is making a come back for me on January 1st. I can stop drinking those god awful Arthur’s Smoothies.

Rebecca of the Future?? Is that you?


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