I didn’t think this could happen to me…

I found a Christmas movie  I hate. And the sad part to all of this is its Star Wars related… I managed to sit through that steaming pile of shit for twenty minutes before I just gave up and went to bed. Here is a run down of what I managed to watch.

Chewie has a wife Nora that looks like Sally from 3rd Rock from the Sun, He also has a Dad named Lumpy and a Son Itchy. The three of them make sounds back and forth at each other for the first 15 minutes and no one thought to include subtitles.

Itchy watches people dance on some sort of machine, Nora makes a dinner and then Lumpy gets a machine that when he puts it on his head a sexy black lady appears and gets him all turned on. I went to bed after that scene. At some point Bea Arthur makes an appearance and the rest of the Star Wars gang sings a few Christmas tunes.  Save yourself the time and don’t watch it. It’s worse than the Toxic Avenger….


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